Cemented to the floor by law

Written by Steve Broach, Barrister, Doughty Street ChambersDate 27 Oct 2011

Respecting legal duties in a time of cuts

cementedtofloor.jpgThis paper outlines the central legal duties in relation to disabled children and their families with which public bodies must agree. There has been an increasing understanding  of the damage that the current spending cuts are likely to do to disabled children's services, an understanding of what the law requires in this area is more important than ever.

This paper is aimed at commissioners, managers and professionals working in local authorities, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and other public bodies. It sets out what in general terms will be some of the most important legal duties to consider when funding decisions are being taken. It is also hoped that this paper will be useful for parent campaigners and local groups who want to work with public bodies to defend the recent improvements to disabled children's services.

Please note: All views expressed in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Council for Disabled Children.