Engaging Employers to Find Work Experience Guide

Written by Preparing for AdulthoodDate 04 Feb 2015

A guide by Preparing for Adulthood for post-16 providers about how to secure work experience for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

Good work experience can often be the key to the door of a good job after leaving education. This is especially true for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

This guide has been developed for post-16 leaning providers to help establish strong relationships with employers and explores the benefits, understanding how to get employers involved and maintain these relationships. 

It has been divided into 11 sections, providing information on the steps you need to take to establish sustainable partnerships with employers which are mutually beneficial: •

  • The benefits for young people with LDD of having a range of high quality contacts with employers, including in the workplace; 
  • The benefits for employers of employing a diverse workforce; 
  • Understanding how employers can get involved; 
  • Developing the business case to engage with employers; 
  • Defining your offer to employers; 
  • Identifying which employers you want to approach; 
  • Coordinating an approach across the education provider with a single point of contact; 
  • Initially engaging with employers; 
  • Moving from initial engagement to a strong, long term relationship; 
  • Maintaining relationships; and 
  • Further resources.