Evidence Review on 21st century social work with families with disabled children and young people

Featuring three chapters written by CDC, this review of evidence published by Research in Practice explores the latest evidence, policy and practice on social work in the 21st century, focusing on families with disabled children and young people. 

The review has five chapters on different topics:

  • Social work innovation and policy into practice.
  • Safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of disabled children and young people.
  • Transition to adulthood.
  • Working together for disabled children in Birmingham.
  • Voice, participation and co-production with disabled children and young people.

This book considers how a wide range of changes to social work over recent years will impact on outcomes for families. Aimed at strategic leaders in the field, social work managers and practitioners supporting children and young people with SEND, the review explores current direvers for change within the broader national context. 

The review is available on the Research in Practice website here