Guide to Joint Commissioning

Written by Preparing for AdulthoodDate 25 Jan 2015

This guide by Preparing for Adulthood defines the key concepts and discusses joint commissioning and personalisation and joint commissioning across transition to adult life.

This is the first of the short suite of publications by the Preparing for Adulthood programme to help local authorities, CCGs and their partners to deliver on the joint commissioning expectation contained in the Children and Families Act 2014, with particular reference to the interface between children's and adult services. In order to achieve the stated Preparing for Adulthood outcomes of employment, independent living, community life and good health, approaches to joint commissioning need to engage not only the education, social care and health sectors but also wider 'whole system' partners such as those concerned with employment, housing and relationships - and to do this across both children's and adult sectors.

Also considered are the links between individual and strategic commissioning. Summarised and drawn upon in this resource is the evidence from literature and learning that (in particular) has been gained from over 20 years of seeking to implement joint commissioning in the adult sector.