Individual Budgets Interim Report

Written by Department for EducationDate 01 Aug 2010

Content IBinterimevalSQW Consulting (SQW) was commissioned by the former Department for Children, Schools and Families to lead a consortium to undertake the evaluation and support/challenge role for the Individual Budget Pilots for Families with Disabled Children. The consortium comprised of two distinct teams - the evaluation and support teams - where the evaluation component has been conducted by SQW and Ipsos MORI, and the support function has been undertaken by iMPower and Helen Sanderson Associates.

Separate evaluation and support teams were developed to ensure: the pilot sites could approach the support team for assistance; while the evaluation team reviewed progress. In this way pilot sites did not need to feel concerned that asking for support would be viewed negatively by the evaluation team. Moreover, pilot sites were asked to provide feedback on the support that they received, which SQW used to provide direction to the support team.

It includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Evaluation approach for year one
  • Introducing IBs and the pilot sites
  • IB processes and activities
  • Resource allocation and support planning
  • Funding streams and services
  • Pilot inputs and cost
  • The families and young people taking part in the pilot
  • Baseline survey of families
  • Baseline survey of young people
  • Professional survey
  • Findings to date and next steps