Keyworking Function

The Council for Disabled Children have developed a Workforce Competency Framework and a Keyworking Function Guidance with NHS England and Health Education England to support the set up and roll out of Keyworking pilots across the regions.

It has been designed through extensive consultation and co-production with key stakeholders including parents, young people, Learning Disability and Autism commissioners and service leads.

The guidance is designed to support pilots in their planning, delivery and testing of the Learning Disability and Autism keyworker function. It will be refined on the basis of the pilot areas’ experience and evaluation.

Health Education England will be working with CDC and NHSE/I to develop a full set of workforce capabilities which will expand on the core competences outlined in this preliminary document.
These, and learning collated from pilot work will be used as the basis for developing of any national education and training resources to support Keyworking.

Our thanks go to all those who gave up their time to input into its development and particular thanks to those that took part in stakeholder engagement workshops.