Learning from the Aiming High for Disabled Children Programme

Written by Council for Disabled Children, 2011Date 14 Nov 2011

This report brings together the learning from the Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC) programme and local authority projects set up as part of the Lamb Inquiry.

It aims to place that learning in the context of the Green Paper, Support and Aspiration: a new approach to special educational needs and disability.

The material in the report is not a formal evaluation but, rather, is designed to stimulate discussion and support planning in response to Support and Aspiration and in a context of economic restraint. It reflects on the rich interplay between different aspects of service development, considered as integral aspects of a single narrative and a single improvement cycle. The report draws heavily on the voices of people speaking in Spring 2011, as the AHDC programme was coming to an end, and so reflects on what was learned and achieved by involvement with the programme.

The full report contains nine sections:

  1. Participation in the shaping of services
  2. Better information for families
  3. Simplifying access to services and planning with families
  4. Supporting families through the system: key workers and lead professionals 
  5. National programmes as catalysts for change
  6. Better data
  7. Workforce development and training
  8. Leadership
  9. Multi-agency engagement: strategic planning and the management of change