Local Authority Audit Tool

Like the CCG Audit Tool, the Local Authority Audit Tool pulls together in one place the key pieces of evidence that local authorities will wish to assure themselves on in terms of progressing towards implementation of the 2014 Children and Families Act reforms in relation to disabled children and young people and those with SEN.

The purpose of the tool is to support joint working between local authorities and health partners and therefore mirrors the CCG audit tool, although some language differs to reflect the different agencies. The tool presents information in an easily accessible 'at a glance' RAG rating system to update the relevant local authority on progress towards implementation. It also includes a facility for a follow up audit which enables the responsible Local Authority officer to demonstrate trends in terms of implementation and flag up any areas which are not moving towards full compliance.

Local authorities may wish to use this alongside more detailed self-evaluations on specific aspects of the reforms. 

There is also a supplementary Local Area Overview Tool that can be used alongside both the local authority and CCG tool to create a local area overview on progress, using a RAG rating.