Making Participation Work Webinars

The Council for Disabled Children and KIDS, as part of the Making Participation Work programme, are hosting a series of webinars where professionals and young people discuss how to improve participation methods of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and disabilities (SEND) in decision making.

These webinars are intended for practitioners and professionals at all levels who wish to improve their participation skills, and better understand how to meaningfully include children and young people in decision making.

Below is a list of the webinars that have been done to date. Each webinar is filmed live, with a digital audience who have the ability to join in with interactive elements, including a dedicated Q+A session. If you want to attend the next one, make sure you are signed up to the CDC and MOH newsletter, where future dates will be announced. 


Links to watch the webinars:

To watch the "Breaking Down Barriers" Webinar, click here

To watch the "Gathering Young People's Evidence for SEND Local Area Inspections" Webinar, click here

To watch the "Effectively Engaging Children and Young People Using Social Media" Webinar, click here