Pathways to Success

Written by Council for Disabled ChildrenDate 18 Oct 2011


The development of the children's trust model for delivery of local services is at the heart of key legislation and policy regarding all children and young people. Alongside the Every Child Matters Agenda the development of the trust's work has been at the forefront in taking forward the duties set out in the Children Act 2004.

The pathfinder children's trusts were announced in summer 2003 and ran until March 2006 when their pathfinder status ended. Each area developed their own styles in approaching what can be seen as 'well established' challenges for disabled children's services, for example the lack of communication and co ordination across agencies when working with disabled children and their families.

This guide looks at the development and learning from these trusts and how support and services can be improved. It will be of use to staff responsible for the commissioning and delivery of services to disabled children and their families across health, education, social care and the voluntary sector.

Pathways to Success looks at:

  • Legislation and guidance affecting children's trust arrangements
  • Strategic planning
  • Commissioning services
  • Developing multi agency services
  • Integrated working
  • Participation of parents
  • Assessment processes