Support and Aspiration: learning from the Early Support prog

Written by Council for Disabled Children, 2011Date 14 Nov 2011

support_and_asp_content.jpgThe report presents some experiences of Early Support and considers the programme's relevance to current developments and how it can act as a catalyst for change in services for children and young people of all ages.

The report draws on interviews and discussions with people involved in Early Support, bringing together comments from more than 130 strategic leads, managers, practitioners and parents across England.

The Green PaperSupport and Aspiration: a new approach to special educational needs and disabilityhighlights the contribution that programmes such as Early Support can make to improving the quality services for disabled children and their families. The report is organised around five themes:

  1. Participation by families in the shaping of services
  2. Joint planning that keeps parents at the heart of decision-making about their child
  3. Better co-ordination of services, supported by key workers where necessary
  4. Shared information
  5. Workforce development and training as a driver and support to changing attitudes and working practices.