Transition Research Programme - Facilitator guides

Facilitator guides for young people's workshops to share the learning from the Transition Research Programme.

The Transition Programme is a 5-year programme of research which began examining how health services can contribute most effectively to facilitating successful transition of young people with complex health needs from childhood to adulthood.

We are keen for young people to hear about the findings from the research and also to see if their experience of transition is similar to what the research tells us.  We have worked with a small group of young people to design some activities that can be run with other groups to help them engage with the findings from the research.

We hope that you will download the guides and use the activities to help share the learning from the programme with young people in any groups that you are involved with.  

The three guides are available to download below and focuses on

  • Young People's Approaches to Transition;
  • Health Passports; and
  • Developmentally Appropriate Healthcare (DAH).

We are keen to hear your feedback on the guides and the young people's feedback from the sessions so please do let us know your views via the online survey included in the guides.