The Independent Support programme - archive page

The Independent Support Programme closed on 31 July 2018.  

Last updated 14 Febuary 2019


What was Independent Support?

The Independent Support programme was a government funded initiative aimed to support parents with children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) during the transition to a new system of assessment and support, which came into force September 2014

How succesful was the Independent Support programme?

Over four years the Independent Support programme supported over 240,000 service users across England. The programme introduced a new approach to local partnership arrangements on a national scale, which continues to operate in many local authority areas. The programme devised and provided national and regional training to over 5,000 individuals, developed parent animations, tools, fact sheets and published over 100 cases studies to support the sector, seek service improvements and encourage good practice.  The programme has also helped local authorities to continue their role supporting families and young people and in doing so, consider how best a child or young person can be supported to achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes.ndependent evaluation by the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) reported that Independent Support had been the cornerstone of the reforms for many people in many areas, reflecting a focus on personalised and people led support at critical transition points in young people’s lives. NTDI also reported that Independent Supporters can be and often are a catalyst for change, helping to embed the culture of the Reforms in organisations and with families so that they have a wider impact on systems as well as with individuals.

Relevant fact sheets, resources and case studies developed through the Independent Support programme continue to be available on the website as part of CDCs legacy intentions. But may be adapted to ensure its content is up to date and relevant to the sector.

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