Aspirations and Outcomes

Nia’s story

Nia's story show's that however well informed parents may have been with the old system, they also benefit from assistance from an IS when transferring to an EHC plan.

Bertie’s story

This story really highlights how strong aspirations helped everyone focus on what was possible and achievable. By looking at the final goal it was easier for the family to work backwards to identify specific targets to achieve along the way.

Daisy’s story

Daisy's story helps illustrate how combining the flexibility of personal budgets and creative thinking can support the whole family’s needs better. It also illustrates how significant some seemingly meaningless activities might be in helping everyone cope and manage a bit better too.

Kanye’s story

Kanye's story illustrates the benefits of using person-centred approaches with young people to ensure their support matches their personality as well as their needs.

Bernie’s story

Bernie's story shows how powerful person-centred thinking is in redirecting the focus to what the future can look like, instead of what has happened in the past, and replacing fear with hope.

Ralph’s story

Ralph's story highlights the lengths that some parents go to, before they consider asking for external help. It also demonstrates how the IS stuck true to the Section 19 Principles when supporting this family.

Kevin’s story

Kevin's story shows that even when a family situation has significant complications, a positive person centred outcome is still possible.

Noah’s story 

Noah's story illustrates the importance of recognising strengths and skills and not just needs. 

Ethan’s story

Ethan's story highlights how importnant it is to ensure provision reflects the ambitious challenges intended by the Children and Families Act 2014. 

Freddy’s story

Freddy's story helps to illustrate how an EHC plan can help address the wider issues associated with expectations of young people as they progress in education. For example,travelling independently and socialising.

Teddy’s story

Teddy's story illustrates why it is necessary for young people to be listened to and supported to achieve their goals. Over cautious, albeit caring and well meaning, professionals would traditionally have “won” this battle and who knows what effect that may have had, not just on the young people but his family’s life too.