Building Trust

Konnor’s story

Konnor's story highlights how building a trusting relationship with a family can enable them to re-establish their relationship with the school and other associated professionals. 

Fiona’s story

Fiona's story shows how the IS was able to build a trusting relationship with parents by making them aware of their rights and outlining their options each time they hit a stumbling block, which eventually meant they achieved the level of support and school place they wanted for their daughter.

Keagan’s story 

Keagan's story illustrates that when someone says they don’t need support, it doesn’t necessarily mean that and perhaps it may even mean the opposite.

Anabel’s story 

Anabel's story shows how powerful a few words of reassurance can be to a parent who is afraid of letting her son down.

Layla’s story 

Layla's story shows just how important it is to allow sufficient time to build meaningful relationships and the difference it makes when you do.

Ronnie’s story 

Ronnie's story illustrates that by keeping an open mind, staying patient and by demonstrating that you’re really listening, can help parents lose their previous negative labels. 

Angelo’s story

Angelo's story illustrates how using person-centred tools helps a family who feel they’ve had to fight for everything, focus on the future instead and see how the present can lead to their son achieving his goals and aspirations.