Belle’s story 

Belle's story illustrates how by providing information, advice and guidance, parents can be empowered to take a lead role for themselves in the EHCP process. The IS offered encouragement, reassurance and information which guided the parent to put their views across in an informed and confident way through a collaborative process.

Ben’s story

Ben's story highlights how the IS identified that the location of the meeting would affect Ben and his mum’s ability to share their views and also how the IS was able to adapt/reduce the level of support provided as mum’s confidence grew as she was able to take a more proactive role.

Cassie’s story

Cassie's story illustrates how delivering bite size pieces of support reassured and alleviated parents’ anxieties and ensured they were able to engage in every possible way to help their child achieve a better life. Read at the end how the IS reflects on this experience with regard to their own personal development. 

Donna's story

Donna's story illustrates how the IS needed to demonstrate sound knowledge of the statutory assessment process for an EHCP and reassure and empower an anxious parent who had already been turned down for the assessment and who was then feeling pressured by the LA into naming a school. 

Emyr’s story 

Emyr's story is a good example of even when parents think they don’t need support; it soon becomes apparent to them that they actually do. How looking at things in a person centred way helped them realise that other areas of their lives might also benefit from support too.

Frankie’s story

Frankie's story is a good example of how a parent can lead the transfer process and feel able to take control of their child’s EHCP transfer when provided with the information and tools in which to do so. In all their correspondence and communication with the LA, the parents were polite but gave a clear message that they knew what to expect from the process and how things should look. 

Ivan’s story

Ivan's story illustrates the transformation that can take place as a parent grows in confidence and self-belief while being assisted in navigating the transfer review process. It also demonstrates the importance of managing anxiety levels arising from the delays in completing the EHCP (a national difficulty) without alienating the Local Authority. 

Jenna's story

Jenna's story is a really good example of an IS clearly explaining things to mum and YP including the importance of having up to date advice and the significance of different sections of the EHCP. The IS patiently persisted supporting and informing mum and YP even though they kept ignoring what she was saying. Hopefully the transition to college will go well and the support will be provided as expected and trusted by mum.

Jonjo’s story

Jonjo's story was written by a parent & sets out the difference the IS made to her son’s life and how by putting his ideas and hopes for the future down on paper, made it seem as if there was a real chance and belief that it could actually happen.

Keira's story

Keira's story demonstrates how the IS empowered a parent who was overwhelmed by the need to “get it right” and come across well with professionals. The IS reassured mum by informing her and increasing her knowledge and confidence to fully contribute and navigate the EHCP system.

Kemal's story

Kemal's story demonstrates how the IS skilfully moved this parent from worried and uninformed to relieved and enabled by clearly explaining the broader remit of the EHCP compared to that of a statement and how the IS reassured, encouraged and empowered him to share his concerns. The IS also stressed the importance of making all professionals involved aware of the impact Kemal’s needs were having on their family.

Keith’s story 

Keith's story demonstrates how the IS successfully worked to boost the confidence of parents with an EHCP for one child and also promoted positive change for other family members too.

Kyle’s story 

Kyle's story shows how the IS was able to provide a confidence boost to empower a parent when engaging with professionals involved in her child’s life and how in turn the parent wanted to then support other parents going through the system. 

Lindy-Lou's story

Lindy-Lou's story is a good example of how an IS worked very patiently at mum’s pace as she was still adapting and adjusting to accommodate her daughters needs and was still feeling overwhelmed at times.  The IS kept checking that mum really understood the significance of each stage of the EHCP assessment and demonstrates great diligence and persistence to ensure that mum is successfully enlightened and empowered.

Maria’s story

Maria's story  illustrates how so much of someone’s goals and aspirations can all hang on one key skill; communication. By looking at things in a person centred way, means that communication outcomes will now be applied across the whole school/life curriculum in a more practical and meaningful way.

Malcolm’s story 

Malcolm's story demonstrates the importance of parents being signposted from the outset to the right avenue of support and advice. When suspicion and mistrust occur so early on in the process it can cause long-term damage. By the IS managing to inform and empower the parents, she managed to turn things around and a better outcome is now looking possible. 

Nery’s story 

Nery's story illustrates how the IS helped produce documents with the parent that would help everyone involved have a clearer understanding of her daughter’s needs and empowered mum to proceed effectively without support.

Simone's story

Simone's story demonstrates the importance of providing timely information with clear explanations each step of the way in order to empower the parent.

Ty’s story

Ty's story shows how IS helped a parent navigate the SEN system going from zero support, to an EHCP with 1 to 1 support, among other things.

Vince’s story

Vince's story written by a parent helps illustrate from a parents perspective how sample documents and time from the IS made all the difference to her family.