Making a Difference

Alan’s story

Alan's story demonstrates how an Independent Supporter supported and empowered a student and re-engaged his battle-weary parents

Eddy’s story

Eddy's story demonstrates the powerful effects of combining person centred thinking with creating a clearer focus of what a desired future might look like. It illustrates well, how it helped someone become reenergised and regain control over their own life and future.

Eli’s story

Eli's story illustrates that even in complex situations, how a relatively minor step forward can act as a catalyst that enables positive impact on the wider outcomes and achievements

Jay's story

Jay's story illustrates how the knowledge and support provided by the IS contributed to enabling Jay to start afresh once his needs were properly identified and assessed and the support put in place to meet them.

Melis's story

Melis's story is an update on the earlier case study posted on the CDC website as “Melis’s story”, an example of working with young people. The original focussed on the EHCP needs assessment whilst this case study outlines her experience of having an EHCP in place and a different type of support required by the IS.

Peter's story

Peter's story demonstrates a creative approach to finding out what this young perons wants. The “party” to help get a really person centred idea of what he wants in his life and from it. This is truly inspirational.

Tina's story

Tina's story illustrates how gentle encouragement and time, can empower a young person to start believing there’s a real chance they can achieve their desired future and with assistance can identify the first steps for themselves.

Tom's story

Tom’s story highlights how IS support can completely change someone’s perception of their son or daughter’s future and can reinstate their belief in their young person having an equal chance of becoming independent and safe within their community alongside progressing educationally.