Person-Centred Planning

Danny’s story

Danny's story illustrates the importance of IS working in a person centred way throughout by letting parents determine when, where and how they need support to be provided to fit in with their lives.

Kier’s story

Kier's story illustrates how using person-centred tools reveals important information that may have been overlooked under the old system, and how a parent’s confidence grows as their understanding of the new system does.

Kieran’s story

Kieran's story demonstrates how basic research and preparation carried out in advance can be productive. Here it meant being able to utilise the YP’s creative skills to record information and made building a rapport easier.

Luke’s story

Luke's story  highlights how by using person centred tools to support families in expressing their views, wishes and feelings, they are able to gain a better understanding of their needs within the EHC assessment process. The parent’s confidence grew throughout her experience and enabled her to gather her son’s views in other person centred ways, including adding his drawings of himself.

Ricky’s story

Ricky's story highlights the importance of keeping the communication channels open, listening, supporting, encouraging and empowering families to reach their goals, hopes and aspirations especially during those “low” moments that unfortunately can occur during this process. It also demonstrates the need for effective and positive multi-agency working.