Minimum Standards for Information Advice and Support Service

The new Minimum Standards for Information Advice and Support Services (IAS services, sometimes known as SENDIASS) were finalised in September 2018.

These standards are part of the IAS Programme and will be the basis of future operational plans and linked funding in 2019/20.

The standards were drawn up by a group of IASS managers, parents, LA reps and the chair of the IASP board, in consultation with the DfE. They are based on the law, the SEND Code and the IASS Quality Standards (which they now supercede). The consultation process received feedback from IAS Services, LA staff, third sector organisations, health services and parents. 

We use the term ‘advocacy’ in these standards, and we are using a definition of advocacy which we think accurately describes the work and role of IASS.

An easy read version of the standards is available here.