It is really important that parents, children and young people are offered, and provided with, the full range of impartial information, advice and support detailed in Chapter 2 of the SEND Code of Practice.

Our work at the IASS Network aims to help local IAS Services support families in their areas by providing them with regular and relevent resources, training and ongoing support. We also have a role examining the work of IAS Services to ensure that they are all providing the type and range of support which parents, children and young people are entitled to. You can read more about this on our Evaluating Impact page.

But - what can parents, children and young people do if they feel they are not getting the support from an IAS Service they should expect? They can:

Make a complaint - IAS Services are statutory services, in other words they are the responsibility of a local authority. If anyone is unhappy with the support provided or offered they can either complain directly to the service (each IAS Service should have a complaints procedure), or make a complaint directly to the local authority.

Speak to us - We do not manage any of the IAS Services but if we are provided with specific information regarding why someone is not satisfied with the service they have been offered we may be able to follow this up directly with the IAS Service in question.