Evaluating impact

We are continually evaluating IAS Services to ensure children, young people and their familes are receiving the support they need and are entitled to.

The following reports show the different methods we use to examine how IAS Services across England are providing effective support.

Annual National Reporting of Information, Advice and Support Services

The National IASS Data Report provides an overview of the range and nature of the services that are available to parents, children and yong people.

The first Data Report of IAS Services took place in 2014-15. Previously, National Benchmarking of Parent Partnership Services (PPS) in England took place annually until 2013. Since 1st September 2014 IAS Services have replaced PPS in providing impartial information, advice and support to parents (as well as to children and young people).

The first Quality Standards report covering the work of IAS Services since the 2014 SEND reforms should be released in Nov 2016.

Recent IASS Data Reports and PPS Benchmarking.

Quality Standards for Services providing Information, Advice and Support

The IASSN Quality Standards provide a detailed framework for good practice in the work and activities of Information, Advice and Support Services.

These standards were devised following the 2014 SEND reforms in order to ensure the policies and practices of all IAS Services are in line with the duties expected in the 2014 Children and Families Act, and the SEND Code of Practice. These standards can be used by local authorities, IAS Services, other local support services, children, young people and parents/carers in order to clarify expectations and to determine whether local IAS Services meet good practice or not.

Quality Standards for Services Providing Impartial Information, Advice and Support.

National Outcomes Data for IASS - Pilot

Historically IASS have always used a variety of methods to seek feedback from service users. This has included the use of post intervention questionnaires, telephone interview, focus groups, suggestion boxes, and analysis of complaints.

Following a period of consultation the IASS Network developed a set of 6 core questions that all IASS were then asked to incorporate into their service user feedback questionnaires.

Thanks are due to the 12 services that contributed data. This has enabled us to collate feedback from almost 400 service users over a 3 month period. The first National Outcomes Data Pilot Report (January to March 2016) shows how highly services users rate IASS - this is the first time that we have been able to collate data across a number of different services.

Phase 2 of this work (incorporating feedback from children and young people) will be reported on by the end of 2016.

National Outcomes Data - Pilot Report (January to March 2016)