Information Advice and Support​ provider: 

SEND Information, Advice, and Support Service Camden

Description of service offered:

This Service provides information, advice and support for parents of children and young people with SEN or disabilities, young people and children with SEN or disabilities about education, health and social care. The Service provides legally based, impartial, confidential and accessible information, advice and support and will be able to offer face to face, telephone and electronic information and advice as well as casework and representation when needed. The Service will often work with parents and children/young people together but will also provide a service directly and separately to children and to young people aged 16-25. The Service has a forum for children and young people aged 16-25 which helps to shape the type and range of support suitable for their needs. A support group meets regularly allowing children and young people to meet for mutual support and friendship.

Opening hours:

8.30 - 17.00
Monday to Friday



Kentish Town Community Centre

17 Busby Place

London, NW5 2SP


0207 974 6264