City of London

Information Advice and Support​ provider: 

City of London PPS (service provided by Tower Hamlets)

Description of service offered:

Tower Hamlets Parents Advice Centre provides information, support and advice to parents and carers of children with special educational needs in mainstream and special schools.

The team also supports parents and carers of children who have been excluded from school and advises on admissions and appeals and the borough's Choice Advice service, offering impartial advice to parents and carers on secondary school admissions.

 The PAC Team Offers:

  • Advice and information about special educational needs and the assessment process;
  • Help in translating and understanding relevant letters and written information in Bengali and Somali (and other languages on request);
  • Support with writing letters and filling in forms;
  • Help in writing down parents' views about their child's special educational needs;
  • Support in preparing for meetings such as Annual Reviews
  • Help in resolving any difficulties that arise relating to the assessment or the support a child receives;
  • Advice and support with appeals if a child is excluded from school;
  • A range of useful leaflets;
  • Information on SEN related issues and topics  including books, videos and audio cassettes, which parents can borrow;
  • Advice on school admissions and appeals;
  • Appointments for benefits advice with Claim the Max;
  • Appointments for an advice session with an Educational Psychologist;
  • Events and sessions run at the PAC

The PAC arranges a large number of events in the centre, schools and other community locations that reach out to a variety of groups. These include:

  • The SEN parents support group (run by parents for parents);
  • Bengali SEN parents support group;
  • Somali SEN parents support group;
  • The Epilepsy support group;
  • The Dyslexia support group;
  • Choice Advice sessions for parents before key transition points.

 A whole range of useful leaflets are available from the Parents Advice Centre. These can be downloaded from our website.


Tower Hamlets Parents Advice Centre
85 Harford Street
E1 4PY


020 7364 6489


020 7364 6392




Opening times:

Monday - Friday 9.00am -5.00pm

Drop-in advice sessions run on Tuesdays between 9.30am and 3.30pm.