IASS Service User Feedback

Evaluating Outcomes - Service User feedback

At the end of 2015 IASSN circulated two service user feedback forms, both were developed in consultation with IAS Services:

  • The IASS Service user evaluation SHORT is limited to 6 core questions.
  • The IASS Service user evaluation EXTENDED includes the same 6 core questions, but adds a number of other questions that services may want to ask. Services might also want to include questions of their own.

IASSN requests that all IASS include the 6 core questions as part of their service evaluation, using exactly the same questions and rating scale as shown in the SHORT IASS Service user evaluation form.

These core questions can be embedded into a more comprehensive service user feedback form (the Extended version being one example of this), and may be used as part of an online survey or in hard copy. However the wording and scaling of the core questions should not be changed. The reason we are asking for this consistency is to enable us in the longer term to collate evidence of impact at a national level - we will only be able to do this if the same questions have been asked and the results are reported in a consistent way.

In 2016 IASSN developed Easy Read versions of the short and extended version of the service user evaluation forms (which may be particularly suitable for using with young people). These use the same 6 core questions, but the format is intended to be more user friendly and some of the wording on the extended version has been changed to make it easier to understand. We consulted with young people about these versions of the forms (and thanks to those who helped us do this) and included most of the changes they suggested:

  • Easy Read IASS Service user evaluation SHORT.
  • Easy Read IASS Service user evaluation EXTENDED.

Outcomes Data Pilot

The results of the pilot to utilise and collate the results of feedback on the 6 core evaluation questions are now availabe in a report, which you can find on our website here.

Thanks are due to all the services that contributed data. This has enabled us to collate feedback from over 950 service users, with the results showing how highly services users rate IASS - and this is the first time that we have been able to collate data across a number of different services.

2017 - National Research

In January 2017 we started the roll-out of a full national project, during which ALL IAS Services will be invited to feed into a national picture of service user satisfaction. Because of the volume of data coming in we will be gathering data from IAS Services across 3 Phases. Services included in Phase 1 were invited to start collating data in February, Phase 2 began in April and Phase 3 in June. 

Each service will be emailed with full details of how to feed into this work, But please see the following documents for further information:

Prior to our final Report for 2017 we will be releasing interim reports covering the feedback recieved from each Phase: