Intervention Levels (Casework)

Intervention levels for IASS

In 2016 we circulated some draft guidance on Intervention Levels. We are very grateful to all those who submitted comments and for the general support for the guidance. In the light of the consultation responses we have made some changes; the most significant amendment is the inclusion of an additional level covering advice and support during SEND Tribunals and equivalent complex legal casework.

The revised version of this guidance can be found here.

We are asking all IASS to consider whether to adopt it. We recognise that ‘one size may not fit all’ and that it may take time to adapt databases to match with the guidance. However we want to be able to reflect the range and complexity of the support offered by IASS to individual service users more effectively than we have been able to do in the past; the more services that follow the guidance the better able we will be to do this.

You will note that the guidance includes definitions of ‘open’, ‘inactive’ and ‘closed’ interventions. We believe that the use of these three categories can assist with casework management. However some services may choose not to use the ‘inactive’ category, preferring to move straight from ‘open’ to ‘closed’. As part of any future data collection we would collect information on all three categories, where this is available. However where only ‘open’ and ‘closed’ are used that data could still be included.

We recommend that regional groups include discussion of Intervention Levels at future meetings, both to share information on how the guidance is being used, but also to help IASS achieve reasonable consistency in decisions about the appropriate intervention level for particular pieces of work. This might be achieved by brief, anonymised presentation of some casework, followed by discussion of what intervention Level is appropriate.

We hope that you will find this guidance helpful. In due course we will carry out a brief survey of how it is being used.