Working with Volunteers

This section includes resources and materials related to the use of volunteers that IAS Services are willing to share with other IASS.

Neither the IASS Network nor CDC are responsible for the content of these resources, but are providing a platform for them to be shared. Please direct any enquiries about any of the resources to the relevant IASS.

In 2015 the IASS Network held a two day workshop to look at the use of volunteers by IAS Services. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together the services from across England with the most experience of using volunteers and provide evidence to inform a national debate. A report was developed from this meeting which has many ideas and resources which IAS Services can use to help develop their own use of volunteers.
IASSN - A Role for Volunteers Report

If you have any resources you would like to add please email them to:

1 - Recruitment of Volunteers

Devon IASS
          Volunteer Application Form
          Training Programme - Day 1
          Training Programme - Day 2
          Volunteer Interview Questionnaire
          Volunteer Reference Request Form
          Volunteer Training Flyer - Sep 15
Gateshead IASS
          Independent Volunteer Supporter Role
          Reach Independent Volunteer Supporter
          Volunteer Application Form
          Volunteer Recruitment Flow Chart
          Volunteer Reference Form
Oxfordshire IASS
          Have a Look at This
          I Wish I'd Remembered to Say
          Nice to be Appreciated
          SENDIASS If for IPS
          Sweaty Palms


2 - Information on the Use of Volunteers for Service Users

Devon IASS
           Volunteers Leaflet & Handbook
Gateshead IASS
          Independent Volunteer Supporter Role


3 - Training of Volunteers

Cheshire West and Chester IASS
          Course Criteria 2015
          Draft Programme
          Lesson Plan - Day 1
          Lesson Plan - Day 2
          Lesson Plan - Day 3
          Lesson Plan - Day 4
          Lesson Plan - Day 5
          Lesson Plan - Day 6
          Lesson Plan - Day 7
          Pre-course Homework
Devon IASS
          Volunteers Leaflet and Handbook


4 - Information Resources for Volunteers

Cheshire West and Chester IASS
          Practice Manual
Devon IASS
          Volunteers Leaflet & Handbook
          Newsletter - Summer 2015
Tower Hamlets IASS
          Office Checklist         
          Lone Working Policy
          Volunteer Expenses Policy
          Volunteer Policy
          Volunteer Problem Solving Procedures
          Volunteering Agreement
          Volunteer Confidentiality Policy
          Volunteer Equal Opportunity Policy


5 - Supervision of Volunteers

Devon IASS
          Volunteer Role Questionnaire