IASS User Feedback - Pilot

The Quality Standards for Information, Advice and Support Services emphasise the importance of assessing the outcomes of the work done by Information, Advice and Support Services (IASS).

Historically IASS (formerly Parent Partnership Services) have always used a variety of methods to seek feedback from service users. This has included the use of post intervention questionnaires, telephone interview, focus groups, suggestion boxes, and analysis of complaints.

Following a period of consultation the IASS Network developed a set of 6 core questions that all IASS were then asked to incorporate into their service user feedback questionnaires.

The first phase of this work was conducted over a 3 month period with feedback from almost 400 service users acoss 12 IASS. The subsequent report National Outcomes Data Pilot Report (January to March 2016) showed how highly services users rate IASS - this was the first time that we have been able to collate data across a number of different services.

The second phase worked with 17 IASS and includes the feedback of over 550 service users. The National Outcomes Data Pilot Report (June to August 2016) showed once again how highly service users rate their IASS.

Combining the data over both phases gives us some strong evidence of satisfaction from over 940 users of IASS, taken from 20 services across the country:

  • 94% of users thought the IAS provided by their local service was helpful
  • 96% said their local IASS was 'very neutral, fair and unbiased'
  • 90% of users thought IAS provided by their local service made a difference
  • 95% of service users would recommend their local IAS Service to others

Rather than extend the pilot for an additional term we will shortly be implementing a national scheme to collect, collate and share service user feedback. We hope to start this in 2017.