Friends of Heathlands

Since 1975 Heathlands has been providing outstanding education for deaf children and young people. The school’s vision statement “Become the best you can be” is applied to all we do. We set high expectations for pupils, encouraging each child to achieve academically, develop independence and to contribute positively in their communities. This requires a child centred and flexible approach so that individual needs are identified and supported.  Pupils’ progress is carefully assessed and monitored from the learning journals used with youngest children through to tracking of KS4 students’ achievement of their GCSE target grades.

Heathlands has recently undergone substantial change. It is now a single site school for deaf pupils of all ages offering both day and weekly boarding provision. The school is structured in three departments: Lower (including nursery), Middle and Upper schools ensuring that a curriculum and educational experience suited to each age range is offered. Running through all three departments is an emphasis on Communication, Language and Literacy; the foundation stones for the effective education of deaf children. Our Teachers of the Deaf have specialist training in language development and incorporate this in lesson delivery whatever the subject. Specialist Speech and Language therapists will undertake assessments of pupils’ needs then design and deliver tailor made intervention programmes. This, combined with our attention to children’s audiological needs and our expertise in British Sign Language, is brought together in a Total Communication approach.