Halton Speak Out

Halton Speak Out teach people to speak up for themselves, help people to feel confident, to say what they want and to make changes in their lives.

Halton Speak Out run a successful project called the Bright Spark Kitemark scheme which involves recruiting young disabled volunteers and training them to become consultants to support the development of an inclusive community.

As a self-advocacy group Halton Speak out provide the following:

  • Teach people to speak up for themselves.
  • Help people to feel confident, to say what they want and to make changes in their lives.
  • Have different projects that work with people of all ages from young children in schools to older people.
  • Run courses to help people understand their rights and responsibilities.  
  • Train staff to work with people.
  • Consult with people finding out what they think about the services they use. 
  • Expertise in Person Centred Planning, Personalisation and Support Planning.
  • Offer support and help wherever they can.