Incredible Kids

Families in the Greater Bristol Area with a child with a disability or additional needs require better play provision and more equal opportunities to interact with other families. Parents and carers feel isolated and would like more contact with other parents of children with a disability or additional needs.

Incredible Kids provide a safe place for families with children who have special needs to come together and spend quality time as a family. They hope this will provide a short break from the pressures of family life. To do this they will have a secure space which meets the needs of a wide variety of children.

Incredible Kids aims to provide play and support services to families with a child with a disability or additional need to reduce inequality and social isolation.

  • Provide four special events each year for families to attend
  • Provide trained play workers to engage the children in meaningful play
  • Provide parents with access to information about support services available
  • Enable support service providers to access families within sessions

Children with additional needs will have improved confidence and social skills, allowing better integration with their peers. Parents of children with ASD will feel less isolated and better supported through sharing their experiences.