Shining the Spotlight - Children in Wales

We are really proud of our members and will jump at every chance to shout about them and their achievements! This is a dedicated place to showcase members and to shine the spotlight on their projects.

This time, we're looking at Children in Wales.

 Plant yng Nghymru

How it works
  • Umbrella organisation for children’s services in Wales.
  • Young Wales project aims to inform and enable all children and young people to participate effectively and have their view heard by Welsh Government.
  • The Getting More Involved in Social Care project aims to support disabled children and young people to learn about their rights under The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.
  • Both of the above projects are funded by Welsh government.
What has been achieved?
  • Young disabled people are involved in developing toolkits:  this includes sections on wellbeing indicators; how to exercise their rights through participation and how to complain if their rights are not met
Next steps
  • Children and young people will have the opportunity to become trainers as part of their development
  • A workforce that understands the rights of children and young people:
    • Co-production
    • Control
    • Choice
    • Participation
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