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This time, we're taking a look at Contact.

Who are Contact?

Contact is the charity for families with disabled children. We support families with the best possible guidance and information. We bring families together to support each other. And we help families to campaign, volunteer and fundraise to improve life for themselves and others.

There is a desperate lack of services and support for the 620,000 parents in the UK who care for a disabled child. As a result, families face a huge range of challenges and many feel isolated and alone.  Coping with extra financial costs and practical challenges can put an enormous strain on daily life, with families more likely to face emotional issues, stress and anxiety. We’re here for all families with disabled children – supporting families, bringing families together and helping families take action for others. By doing this, we can help families to take control of their situation and deal with the challenges they face. We can ensure many more families can focus on what’s always most important – being together and growing together as a family.  

We used to be called Contact a Family but rebranded in August 2017 to become Contact!

Why did you decide to rebrand?

Our new look and feel is a critical factor in helping us achieving our ambition to reach more families with disabled children as soon as they need support, help and advice.

We found that our old name was confusing and acted as a barrier to some families with disabled children, stopping them from finding out about how we can help. So, we decided to shorten our name to Contact - it’s pretty much what we do in every area of our work whether that’s putting families in contact with each other or in contact with us for vital advice, support and information that they find difficult to find anywhere else.

We worked with parent carers to help develop a clearer, simpler and more accessible look and feel, to make it easier for families who might need our support to quickly and easily understand what we offer and that we are here for all of them - whoever they are and whatever their child’s condition - just like we always have been.

Apart from the name change what else is different?

As well as a new name and logo we’ve overhauled our identity both on and offline to reach more families with disabled children sooner and to highlight the breadth of work we do.

Contact logo - for families with disabled children

We reviewed all the information we provided to make it more accessible for families to navigate. As well as updating our website and online information we’ve also published a brand new free resource, The Helpful Guide for Families with Disabled Children, a little book with everything you need to know - when you don’t know where to turn. Packed with all the essential information the parent of a child with additional needs or a disability might need, the Helpful Guide helps parent carers navigate their way through what can be a confusing system of support and points them to more in-depth help and advice on our website. The Helpful Guide is designed for all families with disabled children, but it’s particularly relevant for families early in their journey. To find out more and order your free copy visit

Have you changed the way you work too?

Our new brand aims to bring out the true essence of what lies at the heart of everything we do: families. We’re determined to reach more families as soon as they need us. And our new brand will help us do this through the messages we use, how we talk about ourselves and what we look like.  We care passionately about families with disabled children and we’re here to help – that certainly hasn’t changed. And the way we work won’t change either – in partnership with families and with great warmth. We know our new look won’t suddenly make us a household name, but by making our offer to families easier to understand, it will help us reach more families and help us to reach them as soon as they need us.

The majority of costs for rebranding were met by a generous supporter of Contact’s work and with pro bono support from Brunswick PR and design company, ASHA who helped Contact develop the new brand.

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