Shining the Spotlight - Dingley's Promise

We are really proud of our members and will jump at every chance to shout about them and their achievements! This is a dedicated place to showcase members and to shine the spotlight on their projects.

A staff member helps a young girl play with a tambourine.

This instalment focuses on Dingley's Promise.

How it works

We believe in the best start for every child, and support children with SEND aged 0-5 to get the best start in education. The three main strands or our work are:

  1. Specialist learning through play sessions
  2. Support and advice for families
  3. Training for mainstream nurseries to build wider inclusion

Our support is tailored to every child and every family, recognising that true understanding and partnership is the only way to give a child the best start.

We have clear entry and exit criteria, and work on pathways to inclusion for every child. Our criteria don’t depend only on the levels of the child, but also on the situation and views of the parents, and on the capacity of local mainstream settings to include the child.

We have centres in Reading, Wokingham and Newbury.

What has been achieved?

Over the past five years there has been a massive step change, seeing us transition from being three specialist nurseries to becoming one organisation driven by achieving the best start for every child. Two years ago, we developed our position on inclusion, and we now have a specific model of using specialist early intervention to build wider inclusion wherever possible. Last year, 60% of children who left our nurseries went to the mainstream.

Next steps

Launch of our accredited training programme. The course is online with webinar sessions at the beginning and end of each of the four units. Accredited at Level 3, the course focuses on promoting meaningful inclusion for children with SEND in mainstream early years settings. We feel strongly that it is our duty to share our experiences and skills with mainstream settings to build wider inclusion and help to create a more inclusive society that starts in the early years.

A young boy plays with a toy set.

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