Shining the Spotlight - Family Fund

We are really proud of our members and will jump at every chance to shout about them and their achievements! This is a dedicated place to showcase members and to shine the spotlight on their projects.

This time, we're looking at Family Fund.

Family Fund logo - a multicoloured heart and the slogan 'helping disabled children'How it works

  • We provide essential grants and services to families of disabled or seriously ill children on low incomes, nationwide.

  • Most funding is from the four UK Governments

  • People can apply for one of our grants each year until their child’s 18th birthday
  • Our most requested grant items are family breaks, household appliances, furniture, computers/tablets and bedding and clothing. We consider requests that meet the needs of our families and are not otherwise provided by statutory services.
  • Our eligibility criteria is based on the social model of disability
  • We work directly with suppliers to gain the best service for families and to secure best value in supplying items.
  • We also provide services including digital skills training, and information and advice on how to access the support families need.

What has been achieved?

  • Last year, we provided over 88,000 grants and services worth over £33 million to families across the UK and had over 120,000 calls to our First Contact Team!

A smiling child in a wheelchair.

Next steps

  • We want to grow our support to provide 150,000 grants and services to families by 2022.

  • We will explore families’ needs and the issues they face to both shape what we do and to ensure their voice is heard by policymakers We will offer more advice and signposting to families that call us

  • Our new Fundraising and Research teams will help further develop our work
  • We will work with partners to get the best for our families

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