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This time we're looking at Leicester YMCA: Flat 108 Enabling Independence service. 

How it works

The Y is part of the national YMCA movement and has provided accommodation and support for single homeless young people in Leicester for 135 years. As part of a major refurbishment we created several flats adapted for a range of disabilities and over a period of 2 years, with support from Leicester City Council’s Disabled Children Service and building networks with schools, parent and service user forums, we successfully applied for Children In Need funding.

We offer young people, with a range of Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities aged 16 to 18 years, the opportunity to develop skills, confidence and aspirations within an independent environment. Sessions are individually tailored to meet young people’s identified support needs and include a range of activities such cooking, planning and shopping for food, personal care, travel training, managing money, personal safety, cleaning, socialising.

Our aims are providing practical independent life skills, building self-esteem, enabling young people to make their own day to day decisions, identifying opportunities for the future, creating good and trusted relationship with the project

What has been achieved?
  • Young people have identified aspirations and careers
  • We have helped young people take steps to overcome selective mutism
  • Supported a young man to return to college and speak on radio
  • Enabling young people to get part-time jobs  
Next steps

Building independence can lead to reduced funding is an issue that needs addressing

We want to reduce the age range down to 11-18

Continue securing funding

More information


Twitter: @theycharity