What is the CDC Membership

At CDC we know that we are stronger and have a bigger voice if we’re together. The CDC membership is a collection of over 300 voluntary or community organisations that represent the various facets of the SEND sector.


CDC membership exists for member organisations to support one another, share ideas and knowledge and so they can have a say on the big issues in the sector. To do this we invite members to meetings three times a year and there is also the opportunity to join CDC working groups.

Over the years, members of CDC have been key in shaping the SEND landscape, most recently by contributing evidence in consultations for the SEND reforms. All members are committed to our inclusion policy's vision and help us work towards a society where disabled children and young people’s life chances are met and their aspirations supported.

I found my first CDC meeting so useful. The day was really informative and well set out – and everyone was so friendly. I think these meetings are fantastic for anyone supporting children and young adults, and their families.

Claire Ferreira, The Children's Sleep Charity


Just to say I think the CDC meetings are terrific – I try not to miss them as they are so helpful.  Thanks for all the organising you do, honestly it does make a huge difference to small organisations like ours.

Clare Kassa, Chief Executive, SIBS