ChildFair State Project

The ChildFair State Project is a major national inquiry being run by the charity Children England. It’s about creating a vision for the future of our society to give children and young people the best possible start in life.

They are looking for young people aged 13-21 who are currently living in England, to get involved with all the activities of the project.

This project will last from October 2019 to October 2020. Over this time, members of the ChildFair State Project will:

  • Take part in design sessions

You will take part in two, half-day sessions at the start of the project (19th October in Manchester and 16th November in London). At these sessions you will work together, debate the ideas behind the Project, and come up with creative ideas for engaging other young people. You will also take part in practical activities to develop the skills you need to engage other young people.

  • Carry out research with other young people

You will be involved in designing and delivering workshops to gather the views of other young people. You will help to get other young people involved in conversations about the issues that affect them and their visions for the future. We expect each member of the group to take part in at least 3 of these workshops in Spring/Summer 2020 in your local communities (we’ll make sure these workshops fit with your other commitments and would never expect you to miss your education to take part).

  • Create a vision for new services and communities

With the rest of the leadership team, you’ll discuss what you’ve found out from young people, and come up with ideas for change that will meet their needs, whether that’s in local communities or on a larger scale. You’ll have the chance to pitch your ideas to an expert panel, and work with them to create a new vision for ‘child-centred’ services and communities.

  • Launch your vision at a major event

Later in 2020 we will hold a major event to bring together decision-makers, experts and influencers to hear from you as a team of young leaders. At this event you will have a platform to present your results and your vision for change, and to kick off a campaign to make your vision a reality.