The Designated Clinical/Medical Officer National Event

Since the implementation of the Children and Families Act 2014, CDC has worked closely with NHS England on the development of the DCO and DMO roles, in order to provide support for those in these positions.

On March 20th 2019, the Council for Disabled Children and NHS England launched the DCO/DMO National Event in Birmingham, bringing DMOs and DCOs across England to support their continued development, share effective practice and jointly develop a vision for the role for 2021.

The event reunited a hundred DMOs and DCOs across England, around a series of interactive sessions and discussions on the evolution of their roles. The participants had the opportunity to discuss on the implementation and variation of their roles, and share recommendations to make the DCO/DMO role more effective.

During the event, the National Children’s Bureau shared the key findings of their research on the scope and the impact of the DCO and DMO roles. And the Council for Disabled Children launched a series of resources, including the revised version of the DMO/DCO Handbook, as well as three case studies and a film, illustrating the DCO and DMO roles in practice.


If you are intererested in any of the above resources, these can be viewed here.