FLARE Social Media Week

It was FLARE’s social media week from 8-12 April, and they wanted to talk about rights, and why they are important to young disabled people!

FLARE, the group of young disabled advisors to the Department for Education, chose the topic as an area of importance to them. In one of their sessions, they told us why they think rights are important, how they think they used their rights, and how they would want to learn about rights.

Throughout the week, CDC, KIDS and NCB’s networks shared what the young people had to say through posts on Facebook and Twitter. Quotes from a young people’s session were paired with articles from the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to show that young people’s views are relevant and compatible with their rights

We saw great engagement from professionals and organisations, but what was particularly beneficial to see was young people engaging with FLARE’s discussion and furthering it. Local groups and IAS services shared their young people’s work and joined in the conversation!