Government Publishes National Disability Strategy

On Wednesday 28th July the Government published the National Disability Strategy. The strategy aims to transform the lives of disabled people across the UK. The strategy will tackle the barriers that prevent disabled people from fully benefiting from, and contributing fully to, every aspect of our society. 

What does this mean for disabled children and young people?

The strategy includes the widest-ranging set of practical actions to improve the lives of disabled people, practical steps include:

  • Education - ensuring children and young people fulfill their potential
  • Transport - improving the accessibility and experience of everyday journeys
  • Leisure - widening access to arts, culture, sport and the great outdoors

The Council for Disabled Children, says:

"The Government has released it’s disability strategy this week. It is good that it is now published and shows the Governments intentions in supporting disabled people. However, it offers little new for disabled children, repeating instead some of the commitments already announced. We hope it is just a stepping stone to a fully rounded strategy".

The web accessible strategy can be found here:

More information can be found here