Launch of Regional Stakeholder Network

The Office for Disability Issues is seeking people to join the new Regional Stakeholder Network in 9 regional groups across England.

The Regional Stakeholder Network will bring the views of disabled people, local disability organisations, and organisations that represent disabled people closer to government. Through its nine groups across England it will create face to face forums and provide a channel for people to share their views about policies and services that affect them.

They are looking for Chairs to lead and drive the efforts of their group forward, and Members to share their views and experiences to help government make improvements:

Further details and how to apply are on their website here

The 9 regional groups across England are:
  • North West

  • North East

  • Yorkshire and the Humber

  • West Midlands

  • East Midlands

  • South West

  • South East

  • East of England

  • Greater London