Never give up on your dreams

Written by Rachel LambertDate 08 Nov 2012

Hi, My name is Rachel Lambert - I am the person behind the camera! I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation and a video of 'My Journey'. I have an interesting story to tell.

Rachel _contentI was born on 21st September 1991 and at age 10 months I stopped breathing. This was caused by a bone in my spine pressing into the nerves and I was paralyzed from the neck down. I had an operation to relieve the spinal compression. I had a second operation for tracheotomy.

I eventually left hospital at 2 years old.

Slowly I gained my ability to move again over a number of years but not full ability.

Almost 20 years later I am in my second year of a BA Hons degree in Photography at Blackpool and Fylde College, I have set up a successful business and inspired others through support and training to achieve their hopes for the future.

The presentation will give you an insight into my journey. My message to you is:

Don't let anything stop you. Always follow your dreams. If you can't fully achieve it adapt as you can, you can get there

Rachel received help from Progress. Progress is a charity which delivers employment support services.