New e-learning: developing EHC plans from year 9 and beyond

The Council for Disabled Children has produced some new e-learning, designed to support those involved in developing education, health and care (EHC) plans for young people from year 9 and beyond.

It is based on learning from the two resources created as part of the Independent Support programme which you can download here. The examples should be useful to those contributing to EHC needs assessments and to those writing plans as well as to parents, children and young people and those supporting them. Although there will be some key features that will apply to EHC plans for children and young people of all ages, this module focuses on the different considerations for young people aged 14-25.

The documents were first produced in response to feedback from the sector, building on the initial resource with a particular focus on how plans should evolve for young people from year 9 reviews onwards, as their journey into adulthood builds momentum. We would recommend that you use this resource, and the documents to complement the first guide.

The development of the e-learning highlights CDC's continued committment to supporting disabled children and young people, and those with special educational needs (SEN) in their transition to adulthood. For parents and carers interested in how EHC plans are designed and processed, and their children's rights and entitlements, we would also recommend our Case Law Directory, written up from tribunal judgements by barrister Steve Broach from Monckton Chambers.

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