Starting college

Written by KaiDate 31 May 2013

Kai _webMy name is Kai and I am 20 years old. I go to SGS College in Stroud, and I love it!

When I first started to think about moving on and leaving my school, I felt a bit worried. I looked around lots of different colleges but none of them felt right. Some of them were very big and I was worried about bullying. I also looked at special colleges for people who had learning difficulties but I did not feel ready to stay away from home overnight, which is what I would have to do to go there.

Then I went to see SGS College with Rachel, my TA. I am deaf, and I like working with Rachel because she can sign to me. Rachel and I have worked together for 3 years, so we know each other really well. I sometimes get worried when I go somewhere new, but I always feel relaxed when Rachel is there, because I know that if I have a problem, or if I need help with something private, I can go to her; she will understand me, and I will understand her. It took a long time, and a little bit of frustration to build this relationship, but now we know each other well and I am happy.

My first trip to SGS College, the first thing I noticed was that there were lots of girls! One day I hope to get married and I thought SGS College would be a great place to meet new people. It had lots of people my age there, but it was not too big and it felt really welcoming. With a person with me who I knew really well, I felt safe.

Now I have been at SGS College for 6 months and I am very happy. Rachel is coming with me from my old school every day, but I am getting to know the SGS College staff, and they are learning about how to help me so that I can move on and work with new staff and become more independent.

My favourite lesson in college is sport - our whole class goes to the local gym to use the equipment. I love it because I am keeping fit and getting stronger - look out, ladies, here I come!

My college course is 3 days a week, and on the other 2 days I go to St. Martin's Centre in Stroud. It is on the same site as my old school, so I get to stay in contact with all of my friends! On these days, I have all of the therapy that I need to help me maintain movement, to communicate clearly and to be healthy - I have physio, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, all closely linked with my old school so the therapists know me really well. I also have cookery with Mark, who is a real chef, and I have life skills training and do things like use the washing machine - so I can be more independent.

In the future, I would like to get married and to become a wrestler. I will make my debut as Mask Face. But for now, I am very happy at college with my friends.