Starting University

Written by ChantelleDate 23 Jun 2015

"Wow!" I thought to myself as I stepped into University to enrol for the first year.


I felt nervous but excited at the same time. I was greeted by a member of the Inclusion Team who helps people with learning difficulties. He took me to my halls and showed me around the fire exits and told me rules about living in halls. I then saw another student who was staying in my halls; I hid away in my room, suddenly feeling nervous. I started to unpack and settle myself into the new area. It hit me. I'm going to be approximately five hours away from my hometown to start anew.

In Sixth Form College, I struggled to find a career path suitable for me. From choice to choice, I had decided to work with media, specifically Stop Motion Animation. With a few hesitations as to whether to go to university or not, I started looking at universities around my hometown. Having had a few holidays there with members of family, I decided that I loved Liverpool and found myself looking for universities in the Liverpool area. I had picked one and worked hard to meet the points needed to enrol. I was very nervous when I went to my interview at the university as I had my heart set on it.

The tutors seemed very nice and very understanding when I explained to them about my hearing impairment. As soon as I left after the interview, I knew this was it. My future!

As I had settled in and said my goodbyes to my parents, I took a deep breath and walked out of my room and into the kitchen. My mum watched me as I introduced myself with a smile. "I'm ready for this!" I thought to myself. This was the first time I felt independent.

Freshers week came. I panicked at the thought of loud music and the number of people that were going to be there, however I felt silly for panicking after making a number of friends. My course friends were absolutely lovely. I had to pay my rent for my accommodation, and pay for my food. I was ecstatic at how much I looked after myself.

I did however encounter a problem, as before I started university, I needed to participate in a needs assessment for support. On my arrival I found that this wasn't scheduled to begin until the end of my first semester. I was very worried about going to lectures without a notetaker and a proof reader. I studied extremely hard and was very exhausted at the end of each week. At the end of my first semester, I received high marks without any help. I then completed a needs assessment and everything was in place in the second semester. I knew the work would be harder however, I was introduced to my notetaker and proofreader. The weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I continued to get high marks.

The last semester was very difficult however. I was feeling very homesick even though I had a number of friends surrounding me. I had lost my motivation to continue Stop Motion Animation. But it didn't end there, I did leave the course as I didn't feel it was the right career path for me. I started second year in advertising. I had a choice whether to stay in halls or move into a student house, but instantly, I moved out of halls and lived with four of my good friends. One was blind with a guide dog which was a good bonus for me as I love dogs! Now the issue with changing courses was meeting new people. I was very excited but, once again, nervous. Very quickly, I found I had made new friends.

I have now finished the second year with high marks and a smile on my face. I am ready to take one more step forward to graduation.