Education & Learning

Education is a fundamental human right. As much as any other child, disabled children and children with special educational needs (SEN) are entitled to an education that pushes them to reach their full potential.

Two girls play in a ballpit.Success in education may look very different for different children, but we believe the progress and achievement of all children must be valued equally and celebrated. However, too often disabled children and those with SEN are not welcomed into a setting because staff don’t have the confidence to include them. Too often, disabled children are excluded because their learning needs are left unaddressed or reasonable adjustments have been forgotten.

What are we doing?

The education system has undergone rapid change, and there has been major reform to the system of delivering support for children and young people with SEN. However, the fundamentals of what works have not changed. Removing the barriers that prevent disabled children and those with SEN from accessing their education fully means providing an inclusive curriculum, rigorously monitoring the progress and achievements of all children, and involving children and their parents in all the decisions that affect them. It is this philosophy that drives our work.