Making it Happen

Making it Happen is a series of on-line e-learning modules that are aimed at supporting health professionals understand and implement the requirements of the Children and Families Act.

The Children and Families Act placed new duties on the NHS to work with local authority to provide the best support to disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs. This needs health professionals and services to work together in new ways. To support health practitioners through this transition we developed a series of online modules and accompanying fact sheets that set out the requirements and provide practical case studies of how other local areas are addressing these challenges. The online resource includes briefings and videos as well as practical tools such as templates and framework tools.

The e-learning series features modules covering the following topics and can be accessed from our e-learning platform here:

  • Introduction to the reforms
  • Participation
  • Transition
  • Information and Data Sharing
  • Outcomes
  • Joint Working
  • Education Health and Care Plans
  • Local offer

We've also developed a series of briefings to accompany the online modules, which include:

Finding an effective way to work together

Working together effectively in a local area requires local authorities and Clinical Commissioner Groups to develop a genuinely multiagency approach based on a shared understanding of how they are working to improve the outcomes of disabled children and young people and those with special education needs. The Children and Families Act provides the statutory framework for this to happen, but each local are must develop their own local approach, working with children, young people and their families to make sure this system is built around their needs.

Since their launch in 2014 the e-learning series and resources have been accessed by health professionals over 13,000 and continues to provide a resource base for local areas who are in the process of developing elements. We are continually updating the resources in response to feedback from the sector and much of the learning we have gained now forms the basis of a curriculum of regional workshops that have brought health and local authority professionals to help them work on their own joint working arrangements.