Every Disabled Child Matters Campaign

The Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) campaign was created in light of the 2006 parliamentary hearings on services for disabled children.

The aim of the campaign, originally projected to last three years, was to protect the rights and justices of disabled children and their families so that they have access to the right services and support needed. EDCM lasted ten years with subsidiary campaigns each having their own aims, but taking into account the general aim at all times.

How did the campaign work?

Over the years the project was delivered using a selection of online and offline tactics. In the early years the focus was on engaging politicians and families through en masse protests, political briefings and party conference fringe events, all of which were used to overturn policy initiatives. In the later years the project’s focus shifted online – building a vibrant social media presence, especially on Facebook. This provided a new audience for EDCM where supporters could speak candidly about their own experiences – making the campaign more public facing. Through this new audience EDCM encouraged supporters to campaign for themselves to change things locally. This was done through the launch of a collection of ten online campaigning guides as well as through online e-actions for projects such as the Disabled Children’s Charter. The Charter asked for the local Health and Wellbeing Board to take into account disabled children and their families when addressing their joint commissioning duties.