Helping Children and Young People Manage Their Own Health

Managing My Way was an innovative project which aimed to increase the responsibility disabled children and young people are able to take for managing their own health conditions.

Despite the fact that disabled young people are disproportionate users of health services, there is very limited evidence of any systemic practice of involving them in planning and managing their own healthcare.

With funding from the Department of Health CDC undertook research with disabled young people and health care professionals to look at the barriers to young people's involvement and the kinds of tools which help to overcome those barriers.

Using the outcomes from the research and feedback from participants we developed some new tools to promote disabled young people’s participation in decisions about their healthcare.

Our researchers worked with 40 children and young people and 40 healthcare professionals through a combination of focus groups, interviews and questionnaires over the course of xx months. They also looked at current policy and published research evidence regarding the involvement of disabled children and young people.

It’s managing my way … this is how I want to live my life … it’s not only doctors’ appointments, it’s not only how I can control my condition …. It’s about how I can live with my condition but still have a good time and just be a young person.

Young participant