We have been jointly commissioned with Kids by the Department for Education to deliver a national participation programme with disabled children and young people, and children and young people with SEN.

FLARE members gather in a circle to share their ideas.

Making Participation Work includes a young people's advisory group, FLARE, which is formed of twelve 13-25 year-olds with SEND from around the country to advise, challenge and support the government about how the SEND reforms would affect disabled children and young people directly.

FLARE members are passionate about ensuring disabled children and young people have an equal say in the policies and practices that affect them and their families. FLARE and our other young people involved in regional groups within the programme play a key role in ensuring the voice and experiences of disabled children and young people are fully included in this work.

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Flare Blogs

Our FLARE participants write blogs on issues that matter to them. These blogs are entirely the voice of the young person, with each blog allowing FLARE members to share with the public the issues that are important to them.

Having been read thousands of times, FLARE's blogs offer an accessible and accurate insight into the lives of young disabled people from across England.

For ease of access, these are all collated below:

Amba's Top Tips List

Amba has created a top tips list of things you can do to stay positive over isolation periods due to Covid-19.

Thinking Out Of The Box

Jonathan writes about how this year we've been forced to find new solutions and that we should take this new mind set with us as we ease out of lockdown.

National Storytelling Week

Jonathan writes about the importance and the power of storytelling.

When The Invisible Becomes Visible

Amy writes about the impact that her assistance dog Lexi has had on people's attitudes around disability.

International Day of People with Disabilites 2020

Carys writes about International Day of People with Disabilities.

World Children's Day 2020

Carys writes about World Children's Day 2020 and the importance of amplifying children and young people's voices now more than ever.

Anxiety, young people and travelling on public transport

Hannah writes about young people with special educational needs and disabilities experiences on public transport and the need for more inclusivity on transport, both before and during Covid-19. 

Working Together While Being Apart 

Carys talks about her experience of being at home due to coronavirus and the importance of recognising you are allowed to being struggling with your new routine.

Make your choice - Five Year Anniversary of The Children and Families Act

Carys explains the importance of using courage to speak up and participate.

My journey through education (so far)

Hannah M writes about her experiences of education and the SEND reforms.

Supported Internships

Amba writes about her experiences of supported internships, and her hopes for the future.

Autistic and starting uni!

Hannah Louise gives some fantastic tips for what to think about when looking at universities if you have autism or a disability.

We all try so hard to be understood, that sometimes we forget to be understanding

After running a disability awareness event at her Guide unit, Carys blogs about supporting others to see disablities in a positive light.

Attitudes on public transport

FLARE member Amba looks at the importance of positive attitudes towards disabled people on public tranpsort.

Life beyone FLARE

Meg, a former FLARE member, looks back on her time with FLARE and how the skills she has gained will support her in the future.

Work experience should be for everyone

This week, Amba talks about the benefits that work experience has given her. 

Meeting the Minister

Daniel writes about the meeting that FLARE had with Nadhim Zahawi, and why giving children and young people opportunities to talk directly to policy-makers is so important.

"Hello?" Disability representation in the media

Carys discusses the importance of portraying disabled in a positive light, and having disabled actors in roles which do not focus on their disability.

Surviving loneliness and other sad times

FLARE member Meg shares some of her strategies for coping with and combatting loneliness.

All ages, all abilities, all ready and willing to be heard

Carys, one of the members of FLARE, writes about her experience co-chairing and co-facilitating the Making Participation Work Children and Young People's Conference.

It was a great turnout with over 60 children and young people

Amba from FLARE talks about her experience co-facilitating at the Making Participation Work Children and Young People's Conference.

My school gives me exactly what I need

FLARE member Zach vlogs about the benefits that his special school brings him, and challenges the assumption that going to a special school limits a child's choices.

Respect people's opinions to build their self-esteem

Alisha from FLARE talks about the importance of respecting children and young people's views and opinions, and how this can affect their self-esteem.

Hey, aren't I the most important person here?

Hannah M, a member of FLARE, writes about her worries after her final transition meeting.

Transition to Uni - Getting It Right

FLARE member Amba writes about the challenges facing young people with SEND starting university, and how they can be supported.

My autism is part of me, but it does not define me

Alisha, one of the FLARE group, writes on the impact that labelling young people with autism can have.

Inclusive education is the best education

FLARE member Hannah Louise talks about the importance of school staff and students having positive attitudes towards disability.

How do you define yourself?

Our latest FLARE blog sees Carys discuss self-definition.

Good support is like a box

Amy from our FLARE group on support in schools.

Young people are capable of having a voice too

FLARE member Amba on her work experience being part of the Making Participation Work conference.

Changing the future for disabled young people

Megan from FLARE on how FLARE’s message could improve the future of so many young people with disabilities.

Supporting young people to reach their full potential

Daniel from FLARE talks about how university students often go without EHC plans.

Navigating the transition to adult services

Katy from EPIC, FLARE's predecessor group, on the tricky transition from children's to adult services at sixteen.

Making Myself Heard

FLARE member Hannah explains what she took away from the Making Participation Work conference. 

Ecstatic Experience speaking with UK Government Treasury

Pavan from FLARE describes the excitement of sharing her thoughts on mental health and SEND with a group of officials from the Treasury.